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Based in the South of England, our small group aims to accurately portray the lifestyles of a retinue of English longbowmen and their company during the latter part of the 15th Century - an exciting time noted for political and social upheaval and on-going power struggles.

Unlike many larger groups, as a small company we are able to concentrate on one period and one period only. This ensures a greater degree of historical accuracy and enables us to continuously build up our wealth of knowledge. Our group places strong emphasis on using carefully researched and sourced equipment and materials, accurately depicting those available at the time. In this respect we are uncompromising!

Although this site is principally targeted at our members, it is our aim for it to evolve into one of the best for providing accurate and reliable information to fifteenth century re-enactors and those interested in this period. With that in mind, we operate this site for free and hope it will be of interest to a broad caucus of people.


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Image © WW Forsythe, 2007


Photograph © SW Churchill, 2009

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Steve Churchill at Hangleton

Photograph © WW Forsythe, 2007


The archer (above) wears a museum quality archery sallet, protective brigandine, shirt, doublet, breeches, hose with silk points and archery gloves. The bow used is a traditional English longbow made from ash.

You can 'click' on the image above to find out more about equipment and clothing, or by using the 'Kit' link at the left of the page.


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