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If you're interested in what we do, have any feedback or comments on our website, or would like some more information about our group, please contact us at the following addresses (below)

As stated, we are a small group - and would like to keep it that way. Membership is on a strictly "invitation only" basis - but please feel free to send us your 15th Century CV and kit photographs.



Postal Address for written correspondence


Company of Saint Sebastian

c/o 8 Clifton Street


United Kingdom   BN1 3PH

Telephone   UK: 07505 495 601

INT'L: +44 7505 495 601

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Three men in kit

(From left to right) Wilson Forsythe, Ian Churchill and Vincent Aine photographed at Bramber Castle

Photograph SW Churchill, 2009


We're always interested to hear what you have to say about our website and the information we provide on it

It is our aim for this site to become one of the best for providing accurate and reliable information to fifteenth century re-enactors and those interested in this period, presented  to a professional standard. We want this site to be free and of interest to a broad caucus of people - not only our own members.

In order to do this we rely on having the time and opportunity to carefully research and verify the information contained on our pages. We take this seriously, but we are only a small number of people and our human resource (and sometimes motivation) is limited. It is inevitable that some mistakes will be made - and we would appreciate it if you would let us know if you spot anything remiss or inaccurate.

If you have enjoyed your visit to our site, have noticed any errors  or would like to contribute some content, some artwork or make a suggestion then please contact us.

Wilson Forsythe, Site Editor

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