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Company of Saint Sebastian kit and equipment standards (continued)



Archery and archers' equipment


Photograph SW Churchill, 2009


Our company archers use traditional English longbows made from yew (a natural laminate) or ash. Unlike later bows, they have no bindings for hand-grips.

With draw weights of between 60 lbs and 90 lbs their effective range varies dependent on the type of shafts and arrowheads used.

They are strung with heavily waxed linen or silk cord.

Stringing and unstringing a bow can be difficult. It is usually best to rest the bow on the ground vertically. Brace with one foot and then, take a firm grip on the upper most point. Lunge, with one foot forward whilst compressing from the top, and gently tease the string to or from the iron fixing at the top of the bow.

The image (left) gives an indication of the length of a long-bow when contrasted to the average height of a male.


Image: Arrow-shafts

Image: Fletching

Image: Arrowheads

Photographs WW Forsythe, 2009



We require that archers have one sheaf, (24 arrows) for use at displays. These must be made from traditional indigenous woods, fletched with goose feathers and with horn knocks.

Our group uses hand-forged iron/steel bodkins, broad-heads/swallow-tails and Type 16 arrowheads (and also blunts for use on the field).

    Gloves and wrist guards

We strongly recommend that members use period reproduction gloves and leather wrist guards to protect hands and avoid burns/grazes from the drawstring or fletching.




  Note: all archers must have a sallet for use at any public event or display



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