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Company of Saint Sebastian kit and equipment standards (continued)



Miscellaneous other items

We will be including pictures here shortly   Eating and drinking  
    Plates and bowls  
    Mazers and drinking vessels  
    Eating sets  
    Cooking knife sets  
    Pots and pans  
    Trivets and spits  
    Rations, food and drink  
We will be including pictures here shortly   Tents and encampments  
    Types of tent  
    Chests and tent furniture  
    Health and Safety  

We will be including pictures here shortly


We're sorry that this section is currently under construction, and hope to bring you updated content shortly





Commission of Array
Archery & Archers' Equipment
Armour & Sallets
Padded Jacks & Arming Doublets
Pole Arms & Hand Held Weapons
Doublets & Gowns
Livery Coats
Shirts & Other Linen Garments
Joined & Single Leg Hose
Belts, Pouches & Accessories
Boots & Other Footwear
Hats & Headgear
Miscellaneous Other Items
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