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Company of Saint Sebastian kit and equipment standards (continued)



Pole-arms and other hand-held weapons


Ian brandishes a glaive with hook

Photograph SW Churchill, 2009




A double handed pole weapon with a variety of flattened iron heads or hooks. Usually used in a bloc formation at close quarters on the field, for thrusting, hooking and jabbing when faced with enemy lines.


(also 'Normandy Bill') A double handed pole weapon with iron flattened spike at the top, sometimes shaped to include a hook. Used at close quarters on the field for thrusting, hooking and jabbing as part of a bill bloc. Glaives used by group members have rondels to help with deflecting blows.


Single/double handed pole weapon with sharpened spearhead. Can be thrown like a javelin or used for thrusting when used in a bill bloc.




Photograph WW Forsythe, 2009

  Hand weapons


Single handed, straight edged, flat weapon sharp on both sides. Used for close quartered combat


A type of sword with curved blade. Inelegant weapon of a brutal nature.



Image: 14th Century Rondel KnifeImage: 15th Century Rondel Knife with Sheath

Photograph WW Forsythe, 2009


Group members use rondel knives of about 12" length. Generally for show, these weapons are used to dispatch fallen enemies swiftly on the battlefield. As a weapon of last resort, it was considered a breach of etiquette to produce these in order to fight.

Bollock daggers

Named after the somewhat phallic nature of their handles, bollock daggers are a shorter version of the knife.



All weapons should be regularly cleaned and oiled to ensure that they are in good condition and rust-free.




Commission of Array
Archery & Archers' Equipment
Armour & Sallets
Padded Jacks & Arming Doublets
Pole Arms & Hand Held Weapons
Doublets & Gowns
Livery Coats
Shirts & Other Linen Garments
Joined & Single Leg Hose
Belts, Pouches & Accessories
Boots & Other Footwear
Hats & Headgear
Miscellaneous Other Items
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