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Company of Saint Sebastian kit and equipment standards



From the outset, group members are encouraged to have access to at least minimum kit standards (based on equipment schedules organised by 'Commissions of Array') before being allowed into battle (see link below). We set ourselves very high goals and try to ensure that all of our equipment is historically accurate, of high standard and worn/used in a manner appropriate to the period (both on and off the field).

The group is predominantly an archery group though our members are also highly skilled on the field with glaives, spears, pole and hand weapons.

Available for displays, our archers use longbows, arrows and archery equipment of 15th Century design, hand fashioned from traditional materials. Members draw between 60 lbs and 90 lbs and are skilled in action on the field and at archery tournaments.

At events, our archers participate in Sunday archery practice a legal requirement of the time.

In addition to our longbows and polearms, all our armour, sallets, hand weapons, and tools are supplied from specialist armourers and metalworkers.

All clothing (shirts, doublets, arming doublets, hose, padded jacks etc.) is of high standard, hand-sewn by group members based upon contemporaneous artwork and references. We match period colours and traditional fabrics compliant with 15th Century sumptuary laws. Stylistically we aim for the close-fitting tailored look synonymous with the fashion (and shape) of the time.

Footwear and leather goods are purchased from skilled shoemakers and leatherworkers. Other miscellaneous equipment is sourced through artisans and craftsmen.

Use the links (below) to find out more about the type of equipment that we use. We also include hints and tips on what to buy and some very simple, stylised patterns and instructions for making fabric garments (however, specialist patterns are available through re-enactment traders and from other websites). Additionally there is a link to our Glossary page at the bottom of the screen.

Commission of Array Archery & Archers' Equipment Armour & Sallets
Padded Jacks & Arming Doublets Pole Arms & Hand Held Weapons Doublets & Gowns
Livery Coats Shirts & Other Linen Garments Joined & Single Leg Hose
Belts, Pouches & Accessories Boots & Other Footwear Hats & Headgear
Miscellaneous Other Items  


Padded jack

Example of a Padded Jack

Photograph SW Churchill, 2009


Livery Coats

Photograph WW Forsythe, 2008


Example of a Sallet

Photograph WW Forsythe, 2009


Some suggestions on the types of fabrics and materials to use and the types of places to buy them

A quick checklist of the inventory for a basic sewing kit for re-enactment clothing manufacture and notes on the essential basics


Basic glossary of kit terms used in re-enactment

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