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Third party suppliers and manufacturers

Tod's Stuff


'Handmade knives and historical goods'

THE legendary supplier of reproduction weaponry,  tools and equipment


Traditional Materials


'Traditional craftsman's supplies'


Plantagenet Shoes


Services very much in demand! Morgan hand-makes some of the best shoes available to the re-enactment market




'For the medieval enthusiast, re-enactor, specialist collector or film and theatre'...'Authentic Maille at Affordable Prices'.

We have taken every effort to ensure that suppliers listed are established, reputable and well known within the re-enactment community. Furthermore, we only include suppliers from whom we have previously made purchases. The Group, however, accepts no liability for any contract entered into with third parties and recommends that purchasers satisfy themselves before embarking on any such transactions. We accept neither payment nor benefit to include suppliers on our list.

Research and reference

The National Gallery


Includes searchable archive of period artwork for reference

The National Portrait Gallery


Includes searchable gallery of period artwork for reference

The Wallace Collection


Museum collection of period kit

English Heritage


Custodian of Britain's national monuments

The National Trust


Another custodian of Britain's national treasures

University of Virginia educational archive


Extensive archive of Middle English writing including The Paston Letters on-line

Richard III Society








Other households



















Churchill H&S Advisory Service


Health and safety advice and first aid training courses (commercial and tailored to re-enactment needs).

KD Churchill, 114 St Andrews Road, Portslade, Brighton BN41 1DE

01273 418801 / 07940 796934
























Wooden bowls

Plate and  mazer from Tod's Stuff

Photograph © WW Forsythe, 2009

General Purchase Tips

Re-enactment markets are held regularly in the spring and in the autumn. You will also find that many traders exhibit their wares at  some of the larger events. Make sure you support the serious traders by purchasing your  re-enactment equipment from them. Try to avoid stalls selling fantasy weapons, new age garments and other such treasures, as these are generally better suited to role playing games rather than re-enactment. (LOOK for warning signs -  if you have to clamber your way through a web of dream catchers, past an aisle of swords that even Conan would be embarrassed to use and up a mountain of finest black polyester and purple nylon... you get the idea).

Make sure you know your period and be specific. The term 'Medięval' covers a very long period of time. If you are re-enacting the 15th Century or 'War of the Roses', make that clear. It is acceptable to have some items that shortly predate your period of reference, but never items that are later than your time frame.

Know your status. Stick to the social position you have chosen within your period and buy accordingly.

Period fashions were dependent on geography so make sure you know which country you're fighting for!

Look for historically accurate details - pouches, belts, garments etc. should all be hand-stitched; iron work hand-forged; and wooden goods made of indigenous timbers. Clothing should be made of fabrics correct for your period and status.

Equipment does not have to look antique. If you had been buying goods at the time of your chosen period they would have been new or second-hand (in much the same way we buy things today). A strong box of wood, would be just that - and not something ravaged into delicate filigree by a plague of wood-worms, or falling apart due to age and neglect.













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