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Notes   King Edward IV (reign:1461-1470 and 1470-1483)


  Edward IV was of the House of York
Edward deposed Henry VI, strengthening his claim to the throne through decisive military victories over the Lancastrian forces and the permanent removal of Henry VI in 1471.




  Edward, Earl of March (and son of Richard Duke of York), came to power with the assistance of Warwick (also known as Warwick the Kingmaker).


March Edward, Earl of March, ascends as Edward IV (4 March).

Defeats Lancastrians at Towton (29 March).

May Edward VI secretly marries Elizabeth Woodville, widow of a Lancastrian nobleman who died at St Albans. (May1). This is not popular with his subjects, as they believe she has married above her status,  and leads to a rift with Warwick - who has been in negotiations with King Louis of France to arrange a diplomatic marriage between Edward and a French princess. Also Elizabeth has brought her five brothers and seven sisters to court insisting that Edward shower them with favours.
1469 Warwick influences a revolt in York led by 'Robin of Redesdale' (really Warwick's ally Sir John Conyers). Edward is defeated and captured but returned to the throne.
1470 Warwick, now allied with Queen Margaret and the King's brother, the Duke of Clarence, arranges for further rebellions in the North. Whilst Edward's army marches to quell them, Warwick and Clarence land on the South coast. Edward, confident of defeating them, is betrayed by the Marquis of Montagu, leaving him outnumbered. He chooses to opt for self-imposed exile at the Burgundian court.

Warwick and Clarence release the deposed King Henry VI from the tower and restore him to the throne.

April Edward IV returns from Burgundy and makes peace with Clarence. Warwick and Montagu are defeated and killed at the Battle of Barnet (14 April). Henry VI is again deposed and imprisoned in the Tower.
May Queen Margaret's forces are defeated at Tewkesbury where she is captured. Her leading supporters are beheaded (including the Duke of Somerset). Margaret's son Edward, Prince of Wales, is killed whilst making his escape.

Henry VI dies in the Tower of London under mysterious circumstances (21 May).

April Succumbing to illness, Edward VI dies (9 April) aged 40 years. On his deathbed he names Richard, Duke of Gloucester, Protector of the Kingdom and guardian of his son Prince Edward.

Information of this page has been researched from Charles Phillips 'The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Kings & Queens of Britain'





Born 28 April 1442
Reigned 1461-1471, 1471-83
Died 9 April 1483
Elizabeth Woodville 1 May 1464

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King Henry V
King Henry VI
King Edward IV
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King Richard III

King Henry VII

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