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Notes   King Henry V (reign:1413-1422)


  Henry V was of the House of Lancaster
Henry V's claim to the French throne is based on him being the great grandson of Edward III, who was the son of Isabella, daughter of Philip IV of France.




  Under his father, King Henry IV, Prince Henry had already proven himself in battle having had notable victories over the Welsh at Aberystwyth and Harlech.


March Prince Henry ascends as Henry V (20 March).
April Coronation of Henry V at Westminster Abbey (9 April).
July Henry stakes his claim to the French throne.
August Besieges and captures Harfleur and marches on Calais. Defeats French at Agincourt.
1417-1419 Henry V's second campaign in France. Captures Caen and the Normandy capital, Rouen.
1420 Treaty of Troyes; Marries Catherine, daughter of Charles VI and is recognised as heir to the French throne (disinheriting Dauphin Charles). Acts as French Regent during Charles VI's bouts of madness.
December Catherine gives birth to a son, Henry (6 December).
August Henry V contracts dysentery at siege of Meaux near Paris. On his deathbed he appoints his brothers to act as Regents of his domains. Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester appointed Regent of England; John, Duke of Bedford appointed Regent of France.

Henry dies, aged 35, at the Chateau de Bois-de-Vincennes (31 August).

Information of this page has been researched from Charles Phillips 'The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Kings & Queens of Britain'



Born 16 September 1387
Reigned 1413-1422
Died 31 August 1422
Catherine of France 2 June 1420

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