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Notes   King Richard III (reign:1483-1485)


  Richard III was of the House of York
Edward IV, on his deathbed in 1483 appointed Richard, Duke of Gloucester as Protector of the Kingdom and guardian  his son and heir,  Edward V.




  Richard, Duke of Gloucester is appointed Protector of the Kingdom and guardian of Edward IV's son, his nephew Edward V (aged 12). Edward IV's wife, Queen Elizabeth Woodville, manoeuvres to  exclude Gloucester from his duties towards the young King and rushes to have Edward crowned sending him to London with Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers, accompanying him. She arranges a date for the coronation (4 May). Gloucester travels South from the North - where he had been attending to Edward IV on his deathbed - to intervene


April Edward V ascends (9 April).

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and his close ally Henry, Duke of Buckingham, intercept Edward V and Lord Rivers en route to London.

Queen Elizabeth Woodville and her younger son Richard, Duke of York seek sanctuary at Westminster Abbey.

May Richard, Duke of Gloucester formally assumes his role as Protector and has Edward V moved to the Tower. Richard reschedules the proposed coronation date  to 22 June.
June Richard, Duke of Gloucester, accuses his former ally, Lord Hastings, of conspiring against him and has him executed.

Richard, Duke of York, is taken from Westminster Abbey to join Edward V at the Tower of London. (Often referred to as the 'Princes in the Tower').

Gloucester declares the secret marriage of Edward IV to Elizabeth Woodville invalid and the princes illegitimate. He goes on to declare himself the rightful heir. (22 June).

Parliament backs Gloucester's claims (25 June).

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, ascends as King Richard III (26 June).

July Coronation of King Richard III (6 July).
October Assuming the princes are dead, Buckingham rises in revolt and proposes that Richard III be replaced by Henry Tudor.
November Henry Tudor, exiled to Brittany, makes preparations to invade, but Buckingham is captured and executed. (2 November).
1484 Edward, Prince of Wales (son of Richard III and his wife Queen Anne) dies aged 11 years.
March Queen Anne dies after a prolonged illness. Rumours begin to circulate that Richard III had her killed in order to marry his niece Elizabeth of York in order to strengthen the Yorkist claim to the throne.
  Henry Tudor secures the backing of Charles VIII of France, Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the Woodvilles.
August Henry Tudor's and Richard III's armies engage in a battle at Market Bosworth. Richard is defeated and killed at Bosworth Field (22 August).

Information of this page has been researched from Charles Phillips 'The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Kings & Queens of Britain'





Born 2 October 1452
Reigned 1483-1485
Died 22 August 1485
Anne Neville 12 July 1472

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King Henry V
King Henry VI
King Edward IV
King Edward V
King Richard III

King Henry VII

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