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Some books that you may find useful...

On this page we have put together a list of books which you may find useful and interesting when researching the period. Some act as gentle introductions whilst others are weighty and require some prior understanding of the subject matter.



Published By

ISBN Number

The Paston Letters


Virginia University Middle English Archive


The Beauchamp Pageant

Edited by: Alexandra Sinclair

Paul Watkins 


English Society in the Latter Middle Ages (1348 - 1500)

Maurice Keen

Penguin Books


Fifteenth Century Attitudes (Perceptions of society in late medieval England)

Edited by: Rosemary Horrox

Cambridge University Press


Everyday Life in Medieval England

Christopher Dyer

Hambledon & London


Standards of Living in the Later Middle Ages (Social change in England c.1200-1520)

Christopher Dyer

Cambridge University Press


The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Kings & Queens of Britain

Charles Phillips

Lorenz Books


The Medieval Cookbook

Maggie Black

British Museum Press


Warrior: English Medieval Knight (1400-1500)

Christoper Gravett

Osprey Publishing













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Photograph WW Forsythe, 2009

The books we have listed are ones that we have access to in our own, personal  collections.

You may know of others which you feel are worthy of  recommendation. If so, please let us know and we will look to include them in future updates of this page. (You can get in-touch with us by using the 'Contact' link to the left).












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